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The Future of Personal Investing

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Invest Smarter, Not Harder. 

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  Conservative Model  

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Get Incredible 
Downside Protection with our Conservative Model:
no complicated stop-loss or daily portfolio-monitoring required.

Chase Market-Beating Returns with our Moderate and Aggressive Models. 

Backtest results for the Conservative Model have been simulated since 2000. Past performance is no guarantee of future results - any investment carries the potential for loss.



The Sector Momentum Approach

I believe that investing should be 1. safe, 2. reliable, and 3. convenient. That's why I invest exclusively

  1. in well-diversified ETF's

  2. using the Fama-French Factor Model and Machine Learning (AI)

  3. just once a month


My methodology: I hold up to 5 different sector ETF's at a time, ranked using the latest statistical models available, and I only change my investments on the 1st of every month. Trading 12 times a year is plenty for capturing market-beating returns.

I believe that a good investing plan has to be easily integrated into your lifestyle. That's why I'll do all the heavy lifting, and you'll get 2 emails from me (on the 28th and the 1st) detailing exactly what to invest in every single month.


I offer Aggressive, Moderate, and Conservative Portfolios so you can mix and match different options depending on your risk tolerance. And if you have any questions or concerns, you can chat with other subscribers and Ask Me Anything in the personal portal of this website.

Happy Trading!

Moderate Model 

Moderate Risk Graph OutPerform SPY.png

Aggressive Model

Aggressive Return Graph Beats SPY Index.png

Results have been simulated since 2007 for the Moderate Model and 2016 for the Aggressive Model. Past performance is no guarantee of future results - any investment carries the potential for loss.

Hi! I'm Pratik Buddhiraju.

A little about me and why I founded SectorMomentum:  

I've been passionate about investing ever since I can remember: winning stock market competitions, earning my BSc. in Applied Math-Economics at Brown University, and working as a Quantitative Analyst on Wall Street. I learned an invaluable amount over the years and inevitably began crafting my own system for beating the market. In late 2021, confident in my methodology, I took a leap of faith and quit my job to pursue investing full-time. My models are based on time-tested fundamentals and cutting-edge research, seeking to outperform the S&P 500 market index and minimize volatility as much as possible.


A SectorM Membership feels like capturing 95% of the benefits of a hedge fund with only 5% of the effort. I'm excited for you to check out what I've been working on!

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What's Included In Your Subscription



4 portfolios to choose from based on your personal risk tolerance:

1. Aggressive, 

2. Moderate, 

3. Conservative, and 
4. My Personal Picks



2 emails a month so that you never forget to make a portfolio switch



chat with me and other subscribers about your personal investing objectives, and get access to a growing wall of QnA's



backtests and research that explains my full investing methodology, and any changes to my strategy going forward



lock in the current price of $35/month for lifetime access: as my ongoing research improves the accuracy of my models over time, membership price will increase

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Get In Touch

Have some questions before you sign up for the SectorM Membership? Contact me through the form below or book a free virtual consultation. 

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